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We come to you, for a free consultation.  Here we will sit down with you and go over all your options and needs, to come up with a transitioning plan design specifically for you.


Based off your consultation we will move forward with the right tools and resources to keep this process as easy and stress free as possible.  We will also help to source the proper accommodations you may need during this time.


Together, we will help you sort, pack, and decide what you want to keep; items you want to sell, donate or give to family and friends.


We will ensure your moving day goes according to plan; by making sure everything will be ready to go and organized for the movers. We book your movers in advance, make sure all other bills or utilities are either cancelled or changed to the new address.  If the house is going too be sold we make sure to do a thorough cleaning and stage it to help you sell in a timely manner.  


We can help you adjust in your new home. Let us unpack you , set up all your belongings and anything else that will make you more comfortable in this new chapter of life.

- Helping you Call it HOME -

About Us

What makes our service special is not what we do it’s how we do it! We approach each and every individual in a personal and compassionate way. We treat you with respect and honesty to get you through this important time in your life. We customize each package according to your needs. We take all the stress away from planning a move, downsizing, transitioning and any resettlement needs 

YOU are in charge at all times.

We are committed to supplying you with a professional team of caring, compassionate

and trustworthy individuals who will ease the process and save you time, money and headaches. We understand how emotionally difficult it can be for people to release their history. We acknowledge the time it took to accumulate the lifetime of possessions and we take the time to go through everything with you by our side one item at a time.

A home is where the heart is. Wherever that may be, Call It home is here to help.

We are fully Insured and Bonded to ensure that all involved are protected.

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Sudbury, Ontario, Canada